Tournament Information

Tournament Info

Samui Swine Classic started in 2014.   Our first tournament had 11 players.  It has grown a lot since then.

Our Amateur event is run as a “True Amateur” event.   This means we do not have payouts.  There are two reasons for this, one a lot of people travel far to get here and it can be hard to carry a lot merchandise home.  The other is we believe as amateurs it’s not about making a profit.  If you to make money we have a pro event.  So what we instead of paying out is give a bigger player pack.  The entry fee is 1500b/approx 50usd.  This year the player pack comes with 2 discs, 1 tournament cotton tshirt, 1 innova sport shirt, a few other small items.  Maybe more with other sponsors still joining.  Plus everyone for both events will get a free bbq.  Ams on Thursday Jan 30.  Pros on Sunday Feb 2nd.  There will be medals for the top 3 in each division.  We are also looking at other options for the am divisions.