Mercy Centre Kids come to Samui Disc Golf

RotaryKidsGroupShotSamui Disc Golf was lucky enough to have the kids from Mercy Centre come out for a day of fun.  The Rotary club of Samui host an annual weekend for the kids.  They come down to Samui for a weekend of fun.  Every day they have activities planned.  The OZO hotel put the kids up at there place.  There they got to enjoy the beach and the pool.Kids1


They came out for a day of Disc Golf and BBQ.  This was the first year the kids came to our place but hopefully not the last.  The kids ran around at first enjoying the open grass space.  Later the kids starting throwing discs at the baskets.  Many of the kids were quite young and just enjoyed running around throwing discs.  Some of the older kids were getting into it.


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