King of the Island

The Competitors This Saturday there was a tournament held that took place at both disc golf courses on the island.  Both courses are 9 holes each.  2 rounds on each course were played for a total of 36 holes.  The winner of the event to be named “King of the Island”.

First and Second place were only separated by 1 stroke.  It came down to the second to last hole.  Hole 8 both Dave Lehmann (owner of Laem Dor Disc Golf) and Eric Fitzsimons (Reigning Korean Disc Golf Champion) from Canada were tied.  Dave made a great drive and made a long putt for a birdie on 8.  Eric ended picking up a Boagie.  Michael Arseneault came him at third place.


There were 4 Closet to Pin holes.  Nigel Mills won both Hole 1 and Hole 5 on the Laem Sor Course.  Dave came was able to get Hole 1 on at Samui Disc Golf.  Chris Vawter took the CTP on Hole 5.  All four CTP’s were 500 baht each.  There were 2 discs given out for 6th and 7th place.  These were given to help the lower half of the field considering it was a scratch tournament.  View got the first disc.  For 7th place there was a playoff between Chris A. and Nick.  Chris was able to win the disc on Hole 1.

It was followed up with a bbq.  It was a great day of golf for everyone.  A special thanks to Eric for coming down to our island and helping out our locals players with disc knowledge.  🙂


Dave Lehmann  95winners

Eric Fitzsimons 96

Michael Arsenault 104

Chris Vawter 107

Nigel Mills 112

View 113

Chris Audette 117king

Nick Georgiou 117

Bill Werchola  124

Andy Johnson 141


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