10,000 Baht Ace Fund…….Winner Marc D’Ambrosi

Marc D’Ambrosi came out for league play today.  January 14, 2015  hit an Ace on Hole 1 during his second round.  He wasn’t playing well on his first round and almost decided to go home with out finishing.  He decided to keep playing.  Threw a hizer shot on hole 1.  Slam!  Right into the basket.… Continue reading 10,000 Baht Ace Fund…….Winner Marc D’Ambrosi

Steve’s Ace on #1

                Steve was warming up on League and sank a shot on 1.  If he did it 10 minutes later he could of have walked away with the Ace Fund of 4250.  🙁  It was his first ace ever so he was still happy.

Joe Aces #7

Joe aced #7 today.  Definitely one of the harder shots to hit.   Did it with his Buzz.  He keeps getting free beers.  Can’t believe you hit through all those trees.