Samui Swine Classic – Disc Golf Tournament


Start planning now.  It’s cold almost everywhere but here in Thailand the weather is great.  Come Join us for Disc Golf in the Sun.  We’ll also fire up the BBQ!

4 thoughts on “Samui Swine Classic – Disc Golf Tournament

  1. Mark Conley

    I played a course there about in about 2008/2009. We were in Bangkok and I checked this site and there was a course. a local family of influence had just built an 8 room "hotel" and let a white guy build a nice 18 hole course complete with water buffalo and plenty (harmless I was told) snakes. The family also owned restuarants that delivered food. Rained like crazy and he took us to the airport and off to Phuket we went. Cool experiance.. Bathtub without shower. Thai people very gracious.

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