Welcome to Samui Disc Golf

get-the-disc-in-the-basketVoted #1 on Tripadvisor.  Check out what everyone is talking about.  Disc Golf started in the 60’s in California.  It’s been growing ever since.  It’s a simple concept get the disc in the basket.  Do it in less throws than your friends and you win.  It’s fun for families.  It can be competitive with friends.  9 holes to challenge yourself.  We have multiple tee locations for each hole (kids, beginners and advanced.)  Every hole is Par 3.  It’s a great day for everyone and for every skill level.

homemade-pizzaWe have an American snack stand at the club house.  Enjoy our great home made pizzas, wings, meatball subs and sandwiches.    If you have a large group and want to have a BBQ, give us 24 hours and we can arrange that for you.  We also run a catering business here.  Take a look at Nigel’s BBQ – Samui Catering.  We also have plenty of cold drinks.




League night every Wednesday starting at 4pm.  It’s only 200 baht to enter.  300 baht for non members.  There is a weekly prize for the top 30% of the field.  We also have an Ace fund.  If someone hits a hole in one they collect the Ace Fund which is currently (Dec 31st) at 9,200 baht and climbing.  We also have a second Ace fund at 5,000 baht.  It’s a handicap league.  So anyone can play.  The first night you play you will establish your handicap. Which is 80% from Par.  If you were to shoot 10 over you would get 8 strokes of handicap.  Also on league night we usually have a food special.  It varies from week to week.  League Night will be cancelled on December 24th.


Samui-Swine-Classic-2nd-annual-2-color-stampOur next tournament will be February 1st (36 holes 1 day).  The 2nd Annual Samui Swine Classic – The Swine Strikes Back.  This is a PDGA C Tier Event.  There will be 5 divisions.  Medals for the top 3 places.  Cash purse for Pro Open.  Prizes for other divisions.

  • Pro Open – 1500 Baht entry Fee
  • Men’s Am – Intermediate Division – 750 Baht entry Fee
  • Women’s Am – Intermediate Division – 750 Baht entry Fee
  • Am – Grandmaster Division – 750 Baht entry Fee
  • Juniors – 500 Baht entry Fee

All competitors will also get breakfast.  Then later we will have a whole spit roast pig BBQ.



We are located on the North Coast of Samui in Maenam.   We are easy to find on Google Maps






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